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*Registration is to be closed next Tuesday, the 14th September for the

We are only 10 days away from the biggest Application Security Event in

*- Pre-Conference OWASP Ireland Event: "How I Met your Girlfriend" by Samy

Samy Kamkar, best known for the Samy worm, the first XSS worm, infecting
over one million users on MySpace in less than 24 hours to speak at Deloitte
Ireland next September 16th 2010 from 7pm to 8pm.

Samy shall deliver his Blackhat/DefCon presentation - "How I Met Your

Entry is limited to *OWASP Ireland 2010 ticket holders only (conference or
training) *and the maximum capacity is 40 people. Refreshments included.

As last time, we should have plenty of time to have a talk and a few drinks

Also, if you are planning to attend this particular event you must RSVP at


Note, please enter your real name, as this will be given to Deloitte
building security.

*- OWASP Ireland 2010 Training: Spaces are filling up quickly*

Secure Application Development: Writing secure code (and testing it)
training is taking place next 16th September at Trinity College Dublin.

This will be delivered by Eoin Keary & Rahim Jina from E&Y and will cover
theory, practice and plenty of hands-on exercises!

If interested, grab your training ticket - only 5 left - in the URL below:


*- Belgian Hacker Brew CTF event*

>From the guys who organized this CTF event at SANS and Brucon we are pleased
to announce they are coming to Dublin next 17th September!

Their mission is to create an environment where people are introduced to the
world of hacking in all its different aspects, or where experienced
professionals can improve their current skill set.

So, bring your laptop, team up with some of your colleagues and try to break
their challenges which are broad and meant to be fun for everyone.  Even if
you are new to penetration testing give it a go, it's fun fun fun!!


Eoin Keary
OWASP Global Board Member
OWASP Code Review Guide Lead Author

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