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If any one fancies going?

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 *EuroCloud Ireland - Developing in the Cloud*

*Dear Eoin,*

Cloud Computing has been the source of much hype of late, the associated
benefits and risks for organisations looking to leverage this emerging
technology, are the main talking points. Like all technologies there are a
number of lifecycle stages involved in the use of Cloud Computing to develop
and deliver new products/services. To open up this discussion, EuroCloud
Ireland the Irish Chapter of EuroCloud Europe, will host a seminar entitled
"*Developing in the Cloud"* on *Wednesday 20th October at the National
College of Ireland IFSC*.

EuroCloud Ireland, The event which is a free to attend, is targeted at the
Cloud Computing Community, Software Developers, CTO's, CIO's and IT

According to Dave Feenan of EuroCloud Ireland;

"The seminar will consist of a series of talks on the many aspects of
developing and deploying (solutions) in the Clouds. Topics to be covered
include Scalability, Architecture, Virtualisation/Inter-Operability,
Software Builds, Monitoring and Analytics in the Cloud, Log Management".

These talks will focus on the potential strengths and weaknesses of Cloud
Development, together with the practical experiences of the speakers.  There
will be 12 sessions on the day with guest speakers from amongst others, IBM,
Microsoft, Cloudsplit, Facebook, Amazon, TradeFacilitate, Salesforce, and
Cloud Consulting. The afternoon will finish with a panel discussion hosted
by Richie Bowden of EuroCloud Ireland

EuroCloud Ireland wishes to acknowledge the co-operation of their sponsors
and Dr Phillip Mathews and his team at NCI for graciously providing the
facilities on the day. For further details on the event and how to register
click on the link on the left hand side  at

*Yours sincerely,*

Board of EuroCloud Ireland
Building Cloud Communities
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Directors: Noel Shannon, Dave Feenan, John Abbott, Richard Bowden, Joe
Haugh, Philip Nolan, Cairin O'Connor Registered Office: 6th Floor, South
Bank House, Barrow St, Dublin 4. Company No: 481649  Vat No: IE97405850
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