[Owasp-ireland] Internship

matthew me at matthewhughes.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 22:43:59 EDT 2010

Dear OWASP Ireland members and supporters, 

My name is Matthew Hughes and I am currently in my first year of
studying Ethical Hacking for Computer Security at Northumbria
University. I am a dedicated, hard working student with a deep passion
for computer and web application security. 

I am currently approaching the end of my first year, and I am faced with
the daunting prospect of over three months without University or
academic obligations. I want to do something productive in that time,
and therefore I am writing to you to ask if either you or your employer
would have any need for an intern. I'm enthusiastic about enhancing my
skills and getting experience in the field which I hope to make my

I've got a good work ethic, love the field which I study and I complete
all tasks to the best of my ability. I constantly read in depth about
the subject which I study, the related fields and the issues surrounding
it, and I constantly endeavour to improve my skills. I also have a CV
which I can send upon request.

Many thanks for reading my e-mail, and I look forward to meeting many of
you when I travel to your Ireland for the Live CD training in April/May
and the AppSec conference in September. 

Many thanks, 
Matthew Hughes

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