[Owasp-ireland] OWASP Ireland Conference 2010 - Capture The Flag Event

Rahim Jina rahimjina at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 04:30:41 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Just wanted to announce "VSXRXDENBWKKVL3OVLDUDMXVROFJDIN=" which is the capture 
the flag event for this years conference on September 17th in Trinity College. 
The event caters for novices and experts alike - put your hacking skills to the 

Description as follows:

A group of beer drinking space travellers have worked for a few months to create 
a game that shall be played during the conference. The purpose of the game 
(which has the original name VSXRXDENBWKKVL3OVLDUDMXVROFJDIN=) is to score 
points in different categories, ranging from questions around Hacking Culture 
and History, breaking into some systems until blowing up your brains with 
assembly with reversing binaries. In each category, there are levels for the 
Young Padawans among us where they will learn the basics, but there are also 
levels which will be difficult to solve in a full day (hint: create a team of 
space travellers which have different skills of yours). Unlike the LIGATTs of 
this world, we do not have one million in cash, but we do have prizes for the 
chosen ones.



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