[Owasp-ireland] Web app security videos?

Aidan Lynch owasp at aidanlynch.net
Thu Feb 11 13:27:25 EST 2010

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good videos on the basics of web
app security? I'm looking for something that can be shown to people as an
introduction to the topic. The videos should preferably meet the following

   - No more than 10 or 15 mins
   - Actual video rather than a webinar / talked-over PowerPoint
   - Deals with basics / differences between web app security and network
   - Basic introductions to topics like XSS, SQL injection, etc also welcome
   - The audience is for people with a reasonable level of technical /
   development knowledge, but minimal security experience

These would be my preferable characteristics, but if you know of something
good that doesn't quite match these, please fire it my way anyway! To give
an example of the kind of thing I was thinking about, this interview with
Jeremiah Grossman isn't too far off the mark (from 1:38 on anyway):


Other than looking up YouTube, is there an obvious place I should look for
these kind of videos? Any well-known online security channels I should be


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