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Hi Dave,

The €90 is great value seen as it cost $2500 to hear Prof Ian Angell talk
last year at Black Hat in Las Vegas. This also includes a nice buffet lunch
and free beer (hopefully)  at the conclusion of the event in the TCD
Pavilion bar.

RSnake, who talked at NITES in Feb  mentioned to me that he believes App Sec
in Ireland is very immature, funny that given we are aiming/believe to be a
"Knowledge Economy"?

The aim of the conference is to create awareness of the issues facing
software insecurity and poor application development practices.

I would ask you all on this list to encourage not only info sec individuals
to go to this event but also software developers and people involved in the
procurement and outsourcing of bespoke software applications.


2009/5/1 davidrook <david.rook at realexpayments.com>

> Eoin,
> €90 is an amazing price for a conference like this, in this recession this
> is the perfect opportunity for people to get a great return on their
> investment - better than any bank can offer right now ;-)
> Dave
> Eoin wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>  *OWASP has introduced a special offer regarding the registration rates:*
>> *Registration fee of €90 if registered before June 30 and 100 if
>> registered
>> by August 31.!!*
>> **
>> This includes a buffet lunch, refreshments, OWASP merchandise and the
>> chance
>> to listen to some of our best local and international application security
>> speakers.
>> *Additional presentation information has been added to the event Website*
>> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Ireland_AppSec_2009_Conference
>> *Digital Security: A risky business:*
>> In this talk Professor Angell will take the devil's advocate position,
>> warning that computer technology is part of the problem as well as of the
>> solution. The belief system at the core of computerization is positivist
>> and/or statistical, and that itself leads to risk. The mixture of
>> computers
>> and human activity systems spawns bureaucracy and systemic risk, which can
>> throw up singularities that defy any positivist/statistical analysis.
>> Using
>> black humour, Angell discusses the thin line between the utility of
>> computers and the hazard of chaotic feedback, and ends with some advice on
>> how to survive and prosper amongst all this complexity.
>> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Digital_Security:_A_Risky_Business
>> *How to Avoid Flaws in the First Place: The OWASP Enterprise Security API
>> (ESAPI) Project*
>> Application security is arguably the most difficult IT challenge facing
>> organizations today. Chasing the 700 types of common weaknesses with
>> scanners and static analysis is a losing proposition. Rather than chasing
>> after these vulnerabilities, developers can address almost all of these
>> problems with a set of 10 to 12 strong centralized security controls. To
>> make it easier for developers to establish these controls, the Open Web
>> Application Security Project (OWASP) has created a clean, intuitive, and
>> open-source toolbox of the core security building blocks that every web
>> developer needs. In this talk, Dave will show you how to create an ESAPI
>> for
>> your organization that will solve the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities,
>> increase assurance, and dramatically cut costs all at the same time.
>> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/How_to_Avoid_Flaws_in_the_First_Place:_The_OWASP_Enterprise_Security_API_%28ESAPI%29_Project
>> *Who can afford to build secure web applications?*
>> Building secure web applications costs time and money. For small
>> businesses
>> in this challenging environment, that is not good news. How can you
>> develop
>> securely while maintaining tight budget and time constraints?
>> The presentation we will examine the current state of web application
>> development methodologies. We will highlight the challenges faced when
>> following these methodologies to develop secure web applications. Based on
>> our analysis we will suggest the next steps for the community to create a
>> solution that can be used by everyone, regardless of size or budget.
>> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Who_can_afford_to_build_secure_web_applications%3F
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