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mark.e.hillick at aib.ie mark.e.hillick at aib.ie
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Hi Eoin,

The folks at IRISS CERT (Ireland's first CSIRT) would like to give a short 
presentation on IRISS at some this year - assuming of course there's some 
interest in that?


Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org>
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Hi Dave,
Thanks for the question.
If individuals wish to have more meetings please ask and suggest topics, 
offer to present themselves etc. OWASP is about contribution, 
community and action and we have always asked what people would like to 
We can even secure some funding for speakers from foreign lands if there 
is a consensus for a individual speaker to be invited to Dublin.
"Ask not, what my chapter can do for me, but, what can I do for my 
chapter" :)

2009/3/3 davidrook <david.rook at realexpayments.com>
Hi Eoin/List,

I just wanted to throw a question out there based on some questions I've
received recently about chapter meetings. I was wondering if we planned
on making the chapter meetings more frequent than we had in 2008? I
think we only had 2 in the whole year (correct me if I'm wrong) and I
feel it would be more beneficial to have them more frequently, every 2-3

What does everyone else think?


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