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One important clarification on last evenings post that I forgot to make -
in relation to the point about professionalism:
There are a couple of dozen folk throughout the world who are recognised
immediately as consummate professionals by their given name. I place these
in a very special category that have no need of letters. In fact, those that
hold certifications and use the designation in their working lives, honour
the certification bodies by doing so.

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CPEs first - Many of my CPEs are maintained by attending the monthly
e-symposia from (ISC)2 and ISACA.  I normally access them via the
archive after a couple of months and get them done in one large traunch.
Between the two, I can claim about 60 CPE hours a year if I'm bothered (3
CPEs per symposia, by about 10 instances from each organisation per year).
Past that - every hour that you receive a vendor presentation or demo; every
exam question that you write and submit; every time you read the newsletter
and answer the Quiz; every hour that you volunteer your services on a
committee or board; ....
There are so many ways to earn CPEs free of charge, that only require the
time and effort from each of us.
First port of call for quick & easy (and free) CPEs

AMFs - so what do we get for our $65?  We get free seminars, we get
reductions on a huge amount of vendor training, we get free e-symosia
monthly, we get a quarterly newsletter, we get deliverables (e.g. recent
awareness material submitted by members),  discounts off the academic
journal, online fora, and a host of other "stuff".   Have a look at
Most of all, we get the advantage of putting CISSP after our name. This
identifies us as professionals (this is what we do for a living), as
distinct from amateurs. It doesn't necessarily make us good professionals  -
as MD doesn't necessarily guarantee good doctors, but would you want an
amateur treating you for a medical complaint?

In terms of competing certification bodies, some organisations certainly do
provide more content than (ISC)2 - but they also charge significantly higher
Pertinent question being: What offers best value for money?


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