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Eoin eoin.keary at owasp.org
Thu Nov 20 09:51:46 EST 2008

Hello Chapter
One of our open source code review tools based on the code review guide has
been released:
details below:


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Date: 2008/11/20
Subject: Code Crawler is out
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Hello Eoin,

In case you have missed it, #Code Review sister tool# is available to be
downloaded via the Code Crawler Home Page:


- Team Management (Schedule Code Reviews, Email Reports) removed due to
third party license that doesn't fit with OWASP "license". Most of the code
is still in there and it's likely to come back sooner or later.

- Improved Report Generation
       - Code Crawler now provide the functionality to print (read export)
previous made scans results. Depending  on the size of the source code the
size of the     CC directory is likely to grown up. If you are  planning to
run Code Crawler from a USB Stick please remember that a 256Mb should be
fine to store up        to (3000~ reports).

- Improved Scanning Engine

       - Everytime the application will scan your code an "xml shadow copy"
of file will be written via IO into the Code Crawler Folder.
       - Performance increased, (almost 1 second for 1k line of code)

- Code Crawer Objects Changes
       - Database Objects structure changed to introduce a new patch (#Line
of Code#), Code Crawler will now tells you the exact location of the
vulnerable code plus a more comprensive description.

- UI Changes:
       - Half of the UI has been re-designed
       - Welcome page (still some works to do in there)
       - OWASP Brower
       - OWASP KeyPointers tab removed (community feedbacks)

Direct Links:

#1,6Mb# #Visual Studio 2008#
http://www.cyphersec.com/software_archive/OWASP_Code_Crawler.zip #441kb#
#.NET Framwork 3 is required#


Alessio Marziali
OWASP Code Crawler Project Leader

OWASP Code Review Guide Lead Author
OWASP Ireland Chapter Lead
OWASP Global Committee Member (Industry)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
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