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Eoin eoin.keary at owasp.org
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Hi Gareth,
good question.(below).
People who attend meetings are welcome to suggest topics as the point of the
meeting is to learn a thing or two and also get to meet other individuals in
the app sec community, so yes anyone on the meeting list can get involved.

Membership is encouraged and recommended. One can not say they are a member
of OWASP unless they become a member. (pay annual fee)
Currently myself and others within OWASP are developing a membership pack to
help justify the $100 cost.
It shall contain the following:

A selection of the books (I gave out for few on Tuesday) in a sleeve.

DVD with:
All OWASP presentations
Soft copies of books
All owasp Tools
An off-line copy of the OWASP wiki
Shirts + Tshirts
Membership Card
Voucher for the next OWASP Europe/US/Aisa conference

I would encourage all of u to Join as the funds go to initiatives such as:

The Summer, Spring, Winter of code funding (This is how the books are
written and funded)
Tool development
OWASP Application Security certification (more to some on this!!)
Also a portion of funds are given the the local chapter to fund events etc.

Hope this answers ur question.


On 24/04/2008, Gareth O'Sullivan <gosullivan at ie.ibm.com> wrote:
> Hi Eoin,
> I may have jumped the gun in replying with suggestions for future meetings
> a while back, wasn't sure how owasp membership worked, subscription based
> if I'm not mistaken rather than simply signing up to the mail distribution
> list?? To what extent do you expect people on the owasp distribution list
> to get involved with discussions through the mail threads & meetings if
> they've not become fully fledged members?
> Thanks
> Gareth
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> Subject:    [Owasp-ireland] Last nights Chapter meeting
> Hello,
> I hope everyone got something from the Meeting last night. Be it the
> esoteric Javascript malware stuff or the more appliable PCI presentation
> given by David.
> If you have any feedback on last nights format or ideas for the next
> chapter meeting please feel free to drop the list a mail.
> Thanks u all for attending the night of a crucial soccer match (from what
> i
> gather) and making the meeting a success.
> Suggestions are now being taken for the content of the next meeting.
> ek
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