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I have secured sponsorship for the code review guide through theSpring Of
Code (SpOC) OWASP project initiative.
I was wondering if any of the Irish Chapter would like to Join my team prior
to me opening it up globally.
If you are familiar with secure code review or secure development and would
like to take part drop me a line. (This time the team gets paid).

You can see the existing Code review guide here:

Also to get an idea what we are aiming for you can check out the Testing
guide project which I also took part in.

Its worthwhile for  your career to get involved in these open source
initiatives. OWASP work such as the OWASP Top 10 is used by SANS and also
part of section 6 of the PCI DSS standard. Many of the Security tool vendors
have adopted the OWASP Top 10 as a policy which can be run (even though they
are not certified to do so, we don't certify).
Another example is the Testing guide is used by some of the Big 4 firms and
also some government bodies in the USA and Europe. Previous participants
have found it rewarding to contribute to standards which have become widely
adopted by industry.


A number of colleagues have asked me to enquire if any of you would be
interested in some vacant security positions.

The first position in question is with a well established security
consultancy company as a senior consultant. Client facing, on site work and
all that jazz.
Knowledge of network, app, web and policy definition is required. Package is
good. I have first hand experience with these guys and they are great to
work for. ( Located in West Dublin)

Second position is with a large financial institution. The position is a
Security expert/Lead. Leading a team of security bods. This is near enough
management level and has a career path in that direction. (Located in South
Dublin City)
Also knowledge of Network, App, DB's, Web etc is required.

Drop me a line in confidence if interested and I'll pass you on the details.

Eoin Keary OWASP - Ireland
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