[OWASP-Ireland] Dublin Java Meetup on Application Security

Jakub Korab jakub_korab at yahoo.com.au
Wed May 31 06:26:07 EDT 2006


I am the organiser of the Dublin Java Meetup Group (http://java.meetup.com/15/), and a lurker on the OWASP mailing list for the last couple of months. The DJMG's focus is on running informal monthly tech discussions with a Java focus over drinks with a couple of quick presentations (about 15 mins - half an hour) up front to get the ball rolling.

I am looking at running this month's meetup, taking place two Tuesdays from now, around application security, which I feel is really paid lip service to in most organisations. One of our guys, John Latham, is going to be talking about using Acegi Security for authentication and authorisation in Java applications, and I was thinking that it would be good to have someone from this forum to come in and discuss some of the other facets of web app security (OWASP Top 10 perhaps). If anyone is interested in coming down in this capacity or if you would just like to come down, add your insights and have a few beers on a Tuesday night please reply to my email directly. Cheers,

Jakub Korab

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