[OWASP-Ireland] Escalating war with spammers:

Eoin eoinkeary at gmail.com
Mon May 22 07:31:10 EDT 2006

There was one suggestion to fight spam,
Charge per mail!! I Dont think it would ever work but it may force
owners of vulnerabile mail servers to tighten up and mail relay
spoofing could be reduced.

Also one thing to note is we all get much more spam in real life, look
ato all the junk mail we get in our postbox! (Waste of paper in my
view, like email spam is a waste of electricity).
Talking about wasting electricity, wouldnt it be nice to charge for
power consumption your CPU/memory etc uses in  processing spam email,
wounder if this would ever work (doubt it).

So Whos going to Belgium next week?

On 22/05/06, Tony Palmer <tony.palmer at vordel.com> wrote:
> Well there are three courses of action that I can see.
> 1. We continue with spam filters and legal threats. The business value of
> email decreases to the point where it is not used, and other technologies
> will take over. Already companies are looking at things like IM to
> communicate with less noise. But that just opens up another target.
> 2. Strengthen authentication for mail. ISP's should refuse to route mail
> that cannot be traced to its point of origin. There are moves in this
> direction as mentioned already but I'm not sure that they will gain
> universal acceptance. e.g PKI, make sure all mail is signed by your outgoing
> mail server. It would be easy to delegate trust to certain CA's. I know all
> the problems with PKI but at the very least all that RSA verification will
> slow down the throughput, DOS by crypto?  ;-)
> 3. Something else?
> T
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> > The above, coupled with the recent death threats aimed at the people
> > behind spamhaus, makes one wonder how best do we put these people out
> > of business?
> Maybe you can't. Organised crime and racketeering have existed for far
> longer than this Internet fad. The very fact that some people are attempting
> to shut down the spammers is resulting in the response. Trying to solve this
> with technology by "civilians" would appear to be a false start.
> Legislation, international cooperation, resources (money money money) ... I
> don't think there's much hope down that path either ;)
> Suggestions? Perhaps Minister McDowell could resolve the matter?
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