[OWASP-Ireland] Escalating war with spammers:

Brian Honan brian.honan at bhconsulting.ie
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What is worrying about this story is that it demonstrates the
criminal mindset and resources available to spammers.  They can
obviously commandeer large number of machines to direct their attacks
against whomever and whenever they want and do not care what impact
it has on the innocent bystander. 

The above, coupled with the recent death threats aimed at the people
behind spamhaus, makes one wonder how best do we put these people out
of business?

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1) In order to defeat spammers, DoS them == get DoS'ed in return ...
I don't think you would need to possess clarvoyance to see that one
coming (seems largely unethical to take this sort of action, could
potentially have a destabalising effect on innocent intermediary/host

2) Redirecting your DNS to a 3rd party infrastructure during a DoS
attack doesn't strike me as a very clever thing to do either ;-)

Reap what you sow, perhaps?

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