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Today marks the start of the first ever Global Security Week,
September 5 through September 11, 2005.

The date September 11, 2001 has a special significance in relation to
global security. On that day, completely unbeknown to all except a
small band of terrorists, people everywhere were going about their
business as usual. We were all unaware of the life changing events
that were about to take place in the United States cities of New
York, Washington and Philadelphia.

Could more have been done to prevent these events? Who knows, but why
did it take such an event to occur before we became aware of the lax
security in our airports? Would the damage have been the same had
people been more vigilant? With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight we can
see missed opportunities.  Greater security awareness would certainly
have made the actions of the terrorists leading up to the attack more
risky and difficult. 

Just two weeks ago, few of the inhabitants of New Orleans or the
Mississippi Gulf states appreciated the extent of the potential
damage that the approaching hurricane might bring. Shirley Laska, a
researcher at the University of New Orleans, wrote about the city's
near miss from hurricane Ivan last year and made uncannily accurate
predictions about the current disaster scenario (see

Greater awareness of the risks and the actions that people could take
to protect themselves might have led more of them to evacuate the
city and coastal area before the Gulf surge demolished their homes
and the floods trapped them. Far from leading to complacency,
narrowly surviving hurricane Ivan might instead have spurred on the
steps necessary to bolster the city's defences.  People might have at
least made better personal contingency plans such as having
sufficient food and water available for extended power outages and
loss of clean drinking water. Local businesses might have instituted
measures to move operations to safer localities, and to secure their
critical business processes and IT systems.

The fact is that security awareness saves lives and protects

Global Security Week is an initiative to bring together and publicize
the wonderfully creative security awareness activities that already
take place globally throughout the year.  It aims to encourage new
security awareness activities and bring greater visibility to
existing events. 

This is the first year that such an event has been observed globally
and it has already begun to generate genuine interest around the
globe. Many organizations are actively planning security awareness
activities for Global Security Week next year.

For more information on Global Security Week and to volunteer your
support, please visit the website www.GlobalSecurityWeek.com, email
the organizers (info at globalsecurityweek.com) or telephone the office
(+44 1428 727 900).

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Supporting Global Security Week 5/11 - 9/11

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