[OWASP-Ireland] Update: Countdown to Global Security Week 2005 - September 5th to September 11t

Brian Honan brian.honan at bhconsulting.ie
Wed Aug 24 16:16:59 EDT 2005

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Final preparations are in hand for the first ever Global Security
Week (5-11th September). Global Security Week is an initiative to
link together security awareness activities across the world in the
week leading up to September 11th annually. 

Global Security Week 2005 is the first ever global security awareness

Since launching the initiative and the website
www.GlobalSecurityWeek.com <outbind://4/www.GlobalSecurityWeek.com> 
in June 2005, a small band of volunteers has been working hard behind
the scenes explaining and promoting the event to numerous public and
private bodies with an interest in security. "We have been contacting
security event organisers to inform them about Global Security Week
and explain our aims," said Gary Hinson who conceived the project.
"Despite having been announced less than three months ago, Global
Security Week has surpassed our initial expectations. We have
received expressions of interest and support from all corners of the
globe. Security professionals tell us this is a great idea and want
to get involved."

Large-scale security awareness events inevitably require considerable
preparation and detailed planning, all of which takes time. Whilst
Global Security Week this year may be relatively modest in scale,
worldwide participation is expected to increase markedly in 2006. The
Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), for example, is
planning to announce an International Infosec Day in New York during
or shortly after Global Security Week 2005 with the event itself to
be launched a year later.

By chance, a few established security awareness events such as U.S.
National Security Awareness Day on September 9th
<outbind://4/www.ussecurityawareness.org> ) already coincide with
Global Security Week. Organisers of other security awareness events
are encouraged either to reschedule their main events to fall within
Global Security Week from 2006 or to organise something extra during
the week, and thus to share in the publicity the event will
inevitably attract.

The volunteers running Global Security Week share an interest in
promoting security awareness amongst the general public. They are
collaborating with a loose network of security awareness
professionals in public and private organizations who fund and manage
a great variety of security awareness activities. Global Security
Week itself is not a commercial undertaking and is funded by the

For more information on Global Security Week and to volunteer your
support, please visit the website www.GlobalSecurityWeek.com
<outbind://4/www.GlobalSecurityWeek.com>  or contact the organizers
by email (info at globalsecurityweek.com) any time or by telephone

(+44 1428 727 900) during UK office hours.

Brian Honan

Global Security Week

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