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Please find below the latest press release regarding Global Security

"London, August 15th 2005: With just three weeks to go, the countdown
to Global Security Week (5-11th September 2005) has begun.  Final
preparations are in hand for a variety of public and private sector
security awareness initiatives.
Global Security Week will take place at the start of next month.
There are just three weeks left to complete the planning and
preparation of security awareness activities to take advantage of the
general media focus on security in the lead up to September 11th.

Whilst there have been many previous security awareness events, this
is the first time an attempt has been made to coordinate and align
such a broad range of public and private sector security awareness
activities all over the world in the same week.  Published dates for
Global Security Weeks over the next five years encourage even the
slowest of organizations to plan their involvement.

By raising awareness, Global Security Week addresses security in the

All Internet users are part of a global community and mutually
dependent on information security.  It is in everyone's interest to
secure their own IT systems and be a good neighbour on the web. We
all face the threats of spam, malware, phishing and other frauds,
hackers, intellectual property theft, cyberterrorism and
cyberextortion.  We should all take suitable information security
measures to avoid being part of the problem.
Recent terrorist atrocities graphically remind us of our shared
reliance on physical as well as information security.  We must all
remain alert for unattended packages, suspicious behaviour and so
Bombs and natural disasters (such as the Indian Ocean tsunami) are
relatively indiscriminate, impacting individuals and organizations
that happen to be there at the time. Knowing what to do, if not
actually being prepared for such situations can literally make the
difference between life and death for people, and survival or
bankruptcy for corporations.
For further information, please visit the Global Security Week


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