[OWASP-Ireland] Wanted: Loving home to hold quarterly OWASP meeting.

Keary, Eoin eoin.keary at ie.fid-intl.com
Mon Apr 4 08:54:38 EDT 2005

Due to reasons beyond our control we can not use FISC-Ireland offices to
host meetings.
If anyone can suggest a place (with a projector), maybe one of your own
offices??? please give me a shout. Or drop me an email?
If any company would like to be associated with OWASP this would be a good
opportunity seen as the Top Ten is becoming an industry standard.

Best regards,


Eoin Keary
*internal: 8737 5582			
*external: +353-1-6145582
* eoin.keary at fid-intl.com
FISC - Ireland Ltd.,  Registered in Ireland no. 245656. Registered office:
Hardwicke House, 
Upper Hatch street, Dublin 2. Telephone +353-1-6145400.  Any comments or
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