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I doubt a Silverlight solution can reliably be translated to JavaScript. There's a huge different between the capabilities of a Silverlight client plugin and traditional ECMA, and we should be fighting against proprietary solutions. And FTR, mashup security is the biggest picture, at least IMO, but AFAIK IANAL BBQ.

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Not to speak on behalf of MS on this one but the whole point of this project is to test the practicality of transporting the logic into a future version of the browser.  I talked with the head developer for this project (also one of the head devs for the original versions of all the major scripting versions within IE - that's no coincidence).  He's a smart dude.  This isn't at all about Silverlight or mashups, there's a much bigger picture here - think content restrictions.

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I think this is a cool but wrong approach. I think we need to build a sandbox policy for JavaScript and anything else is a hack, frankly. Something standardized by ECMA.
Does anyone think a Silverlight plugin is going to solve mashup security? Not to pooh pooh this, I'm sure this research is generating a lot of awesome information, but we need a comprehensive solution.


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Did you all see this?


It's an attempt to add a security layer onto the web platform and support mashups. It looks like it's driven through Silverlight.


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