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Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Fri Jul 1 15:16:25 EDT 2011


Any update on providing Larry credentials to Rackspace so he can set up some
test beds?

I think the impetus to move to message forums is even greater now, given
that we have instances where the mailman archive is losing messages (see

I'd like to see us move forward quickly to trial test a new system.


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Date: Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 11:28 AM
Subject: RE: Mailman Dropping Messages?
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Cc: John Wilander <john.wilander at owasp.org>

I just went through all the messages on the server and that thread is
nowhere to be found. I agree that is was on the list and public, but I am
not able to explain the reason the mail is not in archives. ****

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*From:* Jason Li [mailto:jason.li at owasp.org]
*Sent:* Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:34 PM
*To:* owasp-leaders-owner at lists.owasp.org; Laurence Casey
*Cc:* John Wilander
*Subject:* Mailman Dropping Messages?****

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Leader's List owners,****

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I was trying to find the message (titled "My 10 questions to OWASP Board
candidates") below in the mailing list archive. It was originally sent by
John as I think it has great value, as does the thread in response.****

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I'm very disturbed to find that the message is nowhere to be found in the


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I know I've had the feeling in the past where I thought I had said something
on the list in writing but couldn't find it in the archive so I assumed I
had confused a private thread with a public one. But this message that John
sent was clearly addressed to the leader's list and now I can't seem to find

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Was there some kind of failure in mailman's archiving during this time
period? Have there been similar drops in the past?****



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On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 11:26 AM, John Wilander <john.wilander at owasp.org>

Hi Leaders!

After the summit I posted 10 questions I'd like to ask all OWASP Board
candidates. Thanks John Steven for reminding me to send them out again now
that we're getting close to the candidacy deadline.

Note: This is *not* a requirements list. I'd just like to have a feeling for
what kind of perspectives the new board will cover.****

   1. Which human languages do you speak?****
   2. In which parts of the world have you lived at least 3 months?****
   3. Have you shipped production code? How long ago?****
   4. Please provide a list of web technologies you consider yourself
   proficient in (markup, styling, scripting, server-side code, server
   configuration and operational setup ...)****
   5. What is your typical appsec role (pentester, trainer, developer,
   project manager ...)? Are you a consultant, vendor, or do you have an appsec
   role within an organization?****
   6. Please provide a list of appsec activities you consider yourself
   proficient in (code auditing, threat modeling, SDLC implementation ...)**
   7. Have you run or are you running an OWASP chapter? Which?****
   8. Have you run or are you running any OWASP projects? Which?****
   9. Do you have a college or university degree? (No requirement, I just
   want the right mix)****
   10. Do you have a postgraduate degree? (I'd like to have at least one on
   the board)****

If you as a candidate feel these questions are relevant you can post your
answers in your bio on the wiki. Would be great!

   Regards, John

John Wilander, https://twitter.com/johnwilander
Chapter co-leader OWASP Sweden, http://owaspsweden.blogspot.com****

Conf Comm, http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Global_Conferences_Committee****

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