[Owasp-igoat-project] iGoat 2.4 and beyond

Kenneth R. van Wyk ken at vanwyk.org
Mon Feb 13 14:22:24 UTC 2017

Greetings OWASP iGoat community,

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. Sorry for that. The good news is that my business kept me swamped through 2016; the bad news is that iGoat suffered for it.

As a result, I have found someone who is capable and eager to take the leadership role in the project, Swaroop Yermalkar (swaroop.sy at gmail.com).

To get things rolling again, Swaroop has fixed several compilation warnings and errors so that iGoat now compiles and runs cleanly on current releases of XCode and iOS. He’s tagged it as a 2.4 release and is looking for a few folks to give it a quick test run before making the release official and announcing to the OWASP general community.

Any takers for testing the 2.4 release? I’ve already promised Swaroop I’ll remain “on board” and available for testing and such, FWIW.

I hope at least a couple of you will volunteer to help breath some fresh life into this project that can benefit so many folks. (I just read a study that said some 2/3 of iOS apps in the AppStore still don’t use strong TLS comms…sigh.)

Anyway, thanks Swaroop for stepping up to the plate to help here, and welcome on board!


Ken van Wyk

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