[OWASP-IBWAS10] IBWAS'10 - Proposed conference agenda - Very draft

Carlos Serrão carlos.serrao at iscte.pt
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On 2010/11/21, at 17:59, Paulo Coimbra wrote:

> All,
> In my view, having more than three people talking in the opening/protocol session is too much. Also, as it is an OWASP event, the majority of this set of individuals should be OWASP’s. I therefore propose we have one venue’s representative, the IBWAS representative that also leads the hosting OWASP Chapter and one OWASP Board Member.

I'm ok with that... however I have already invited the Universities Dean and the School President. If the majority in this list agrees that I should un-invite them, I will, although I believe, that in time in which OWASP is trying to straighten their relationships with Universities is a bad policy. So I want to listen to what all of you have to say about this...

> I additionally propose we set Vicente and Arturo as the OWASP members that formally and symbolically end the happening. The former is OWASP Spain chair and IBWAS co-chair and the latter as OWASP’s Latin America representative.


> Furthermore, I believe, the training day’s affairs should be kicked off by Martin and Sandra, being the former the OWASP Education’s long engaged member and the latter the OWASP’s Training manager.


> On another note, I am becoming somewhat concerned with the fact the agenda is still a work in progress as we are only roughly three weeks away from the event. Can we clean the conf wiki ASAP and line-up all the people who have already confirmed presence?

At this time, what we have on the wiki, is aligned with all the persons who confirmed their presence. There is also a draft agenda, that is quite close to be final, due to the fact that we have still some speakers that have not send their talks topics. Also at the end of this week we should have the final list os accepted papers for the Research Session.

We can already open registration this week, even with the agenda, like it is at the moment.... we just need a clarification about the prices.

> Sandra told me she was waiting for clarification regarding Martorella’s availability to deliver training on his Webslayer Project but she is proposing we open the training registration process up no later than Tuesday.

Ok, I think we can open the main event registration in that date as well.

Best regards.

> Thanks,
> - Paulo
> Paulo Coimbra,
> OWASP Project Manager
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> Dear all,
> please find attached is a proposal (very draft) for the conference day.
> Your suggestions are quite welcome!
> I think we should also include a sponsors session at the conference in some block.
> All your suggestions are welcome!!!
> Best regards,
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