[OWASP-IBWAS10] List of trainers to invite for the OWASP Training Day - 16th December 2010.

Carlos Serrão carlos.serrao at iscte.pt
Wed Nov 3 12:27:32 EDT 2010

Fine by me,
just take into account rooms availability that I've sent on a previous email.

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On 2010/11/03, at 15:38, Sandra Paiva wrote:

> All,
> I have had a meeting with Paulo Coimbra and Dinis Cruz where both the objectives for the OWASP Training Day to be run on the 16th December and the list of potential trainers to invite have been thoroughly discussed.
> Taking into consideration the Summit 2011 to be held in February and the various Tracks that have been defined to discuss what the Organization perceives as being its strategic goals for 2011 we thought that the OWASP Training day adjoined to the IBWAS’10 Conference would be a great opportunity to have a few lateral working sessions (happening out of the Training and Conference schedules) where some of these issues could be debated and pondered. We also would like to use this occasion to share some thoughts and ideas on the OWASP Training model, the Academies, the relationship between OWASP and the governments/its organisms and OWASP and the Industry, etc. In addition, our proposal envisages the reinforcement of the Latin Iberian scope of this conference.
> We have, therefore, agreed on inviting the following OWASP members:
> -        Martin Knobloch (already invited and presence confirmed)
> -        Matteo Meucci
> -        Colin Watson
> -        Either Juan Carlos Calderon or Arturo Buanzo
> -        Lucas Ferreira
> -        John Wilander
> -        Dinis Cruz
> -        Sebastien Deleersnyder
> Furthermore, and following the OWASP Training principle that is important to have local Chapter’s members participating in these events as trainers - if they are experienced with OWASP Projects and feel ready to present them - we will also contact Miguel P. Correia and Miguel Almeida to see how they stand on this.
> Please let us know whether you have any objections – we intend to start sending the invitations as soon as possible so that we can maximize the chance of securing availability from these people.
> With these extra leaders’ participation, the conference will most likely incur in financial loss. To overcome this and to allow the event to happen as desired, it has been decided in the meeting mentioned above that the OWASP central budget of $2,000 (EUR1,450) will be used exclusively to pay for the travel and hotel expenses of these people and that if additional resources are needed for this purpose OWASP central funds will be used. As we have agreed that the trainers will also deliver on the conference, we propose that expenses on meals and coffee breaks for the duration of the event continue to be assumed by the IBWAS’10 budget.
> A new OWASP Training Day Financial’s sheet will be built to manage the budget allocated to the travelling expenses and accommodation of the people included in the list above. As soon as this is done, I will share the link.
> Thanks,
> Sandra
> Sandra Paiva
> OWASP Training Manager
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