[Owasp-Houston] OWASP/TRISC update

Dan Cornell dan at denimgroup.com
Tue Mar 10 13:15:46 EDT 2009


The good news: Folks seem to be excited about using their Membership in OWASP to get a $100 discount on the TRISC conference.  Hooray!

The bad news: I screwed up!  Boo!

They have some validation on the TRISC registration website that isn't accepting OWASP membership numbers.  D'Oh!  To register as an OWASP attendee, please use the number 55555001 for registration.  I'll manually go and verify folks' membership offline so kindly don't cheat.  (Obviously please don't share this number.)

A $50 OWASP Individual Membership gets you a $100 discount on TRISC.  You can't beat the math.

The TRISC website is here: <http://www.trisc.org/>

The OWASP Membership website is here: <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership>



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