[Owasp-hackademic-challenges] [dev-features] Sqlite as a db

Spyros spyros.gasteratos at owasp.org
Tue Jan 13 18:48:11 UTC 2015

Dinis' comments on github gave me the idea of switching our main db from 
mysql to sqlite.[1]
In the installer we can keep mysql for those who prefer it but add 
sqlite as the first option.
It seems that we get several advantages over mysql.

* It's embedded, as in we can package everything in a .phar  which runs 
out of the box without the need for an external db.

* The user doesn't need to have mysql installed, a simple apache,ngix or 
any php-capable web server will do.

* The requirements on disk and memory go down by quite a bit. Especially 
since we're planning on introducing the sandbox which is supposed to be 
quite heavy on memory.

It seems more suitable for our small platform since we don't get that 
many hits/day to justify a separate database server.

What do you think?


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