[Owasp-hackademic-challenges] GSoC2014 : Hackademic Challenges : New challenges and Improvements

Paul Chaignon paul.chaignon at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 14:08:38 UTC 2014


I would be interested to work on Hackademic Challenges for the GSoC 
2014. I installed it and played a bit with it.
I have plenty of ideas for new challenges (like Remote File Inclusion or 
bruteforce attack) and a few ones for improvements.
First, I'd like to know if there is any limit to the type of challenges 
the website could propose?
Should it only be web security challenges or can it also be pentest 
challenges for example?
Does the user should only need his navigator or can we imagine that he 
would use other external tools (like plugins for Firefox)?

You mentioned MITM simulation as an idea for a new challenge on the 
project page.
How would you see it going?

Thank you.

Paul Chaignon

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