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kyle phillipeck phillipeckka at appstate.edu
Sun Apr 1 21:29:28 UTC 2012


My Name is Kyle Phillipeck, I am a junior at Appalachian State University
in Boone, North Carolina.  Looking at the OWASP Ideas page I took  a more
in depth look into the hackademic challenges project.

   - The front-end had some display errors in chrome where the login and
   password box extended far off of the page.
   - The challenges seemed to be loosely organized into groups with only a
   few challenges instead of multiple for each separate group.
   - After completing the challenges I looked into the code and noticed
   that most of the challenges were hard-coded answers. I feel that while it
   still works, by having a regular expression you would be able
   to accommodate for more than one specific answer to a challenge.

I have experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, and I support the
Open Source Community.  I think that I would be able to take on either
Project 002- Hackademic challenges frontend or Project 003- developing new

Kyle Phillipeck
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