[Owasp-guide] We now have a G+ community

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Thu Jun 5 01:01:15 UTC 2014

Hi all,

just a quick note. +Eoin Keary cannot be in two places at once (I wish I
had that skill!), so our session is moving to Tuesday 24th June, starting
off with a presentation from Eoin on the life and times of the Developer
Guide. I'll be online from 9 am until around lunchtime UK time. I'm trying
to make it work for the following day so I can be there remotely all day,
but at the moment, it's just the morning.  If someone can offer to host the
Hangout for the afternoon, that would be awesome!

Lastly, you can see the DevGuide stream within the OWASP G+ community here:


If you want to participate onsite, please attend room 3 on the 24th of June
from 9 am onwards.

If you want to participate remotely, please create:

a) A GitHub account so you can be added to the DevGuide project, edit the
text, and log issues
b) A G+ enabled account, so you can participate in the remote Hangout
c) Reply "Yes" or "Maybe" to the event here:


In all cases, helping our even just in the a morning or the afternoon would
be awesome. :)

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