[Owasp-guide] We are now a Labs project. This is a good thing.

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Mon Jun 2 23:57:56 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

Although we've been a flagship project (and in fact, the first OWASP
project) forever, this morning, the Board has decided to make all flagship
projects a Lab quality project. To get back to being a flagship project
will require each project to go through the revised project qualilty
review, and to be honest, we'd never pass in our current state.

I believe this is a good thing for the OWASP Guide, as we need an impetus
to climb that mountain again - something to re-group and focus our energies
and move a little bit every week back towards being a flagship project.

To that end, I will undertake a porting of all of the existing text (around
83,000 words) to Github minus all the stuff that will not be going forward
prior to AppSec EU in a few weeks' time. I will not be overwriting any of
the text being worked on at the moment, but I will make sure there's text
in there for us to edit and make whole so we don't lose the work of so many
over so many years.

Hack-a-thon @ AppSEC EU 23rd June

I would really appreciate if as many as possible could join the hack-a-thon
to beat all hack-a-thons during AppSec EU. I want us to have a rough draft
of the core Guide to hang our hat on at the end of that week, and give you
folks the feeling that it's *your* text to look after so we can rejuvenate
the Guide, and the Guide authors and leadership over time.

To that end, I will establish Google+ hangouts that anyone can participate
in using just a browser. These work best with less than 20 folks, but in my
past experience, even 8 folks is a good attendance for us in recent years.
I'm so glad some of you have already expressed interest, but I really,
really want as many as possible to help out, even if a little.

Please view the OWASP Community -> Events to see the events. I will see the
Events page with Hangouts on each day of the Hack-a-thon. If you could join
a Hangout even for 30 minutes to discuss an assignment or the text you're
working on, that would be awesome. If you're AppSec EU - our hack-a-thon is
in Room 3 on the Monday from 9 am to 6 pm, but I will make myself available
at 9 AM-1 PM GMT for at least 30 minutes all that week.


As always, you can write to me here, log an issue in GitHub, or even use G+
communities to foster communication.

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