[Owasp-guide] Volunteering for Output Encoding Chapter

vanderaj vanderaj vanderaj at owasp.org
Thu May 17 22:20:01 UTC 2012

My thoughts on organization of each control are:


The rationale for any compliant design. We give a strawman compliant


A concrete example of a compliant implementation, preferably using native
features or ESAPI.


How to test (both negative and positive tests) for this issue:

Links to OWASP Test Guide for this issue.

* Unit test bullet points (i.e. content is in OWASP Testing Guide)
* Web test bullet points


On combining input validation and output encoding, I am okay with this
idea, but I think considering that output encoding deals with SQL, LDAP,
and other mechanisms that are not (necessarily) strongly coupled to input,
I think let's develop them in concert but as two, and once we have the two
chapters developed, let's have a talk about linkage and integration.


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