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I am a daily confluence user and love it.

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Andrew - this is fantastic work, and *a lot* of it!

Obviously I will be more than happy to assist on the ESAPI portions of this project. Additionally, have you ever used Confluence? I think this is a superb use-case for using a more feature laden document management application (wiki ++ if you will)

Confluence is free for Open Source projects - I have acquired one already for ESAPI and will hopefully be migrating the documentation to it soon - I would be more than happy to help you secure an instance for the Development Guide as well. The other nice bit is that the instances can either be hosted *or* standalone and both are free. Also, exporting as an eBook is a single button click - which is extremely nice.

Let me know if you want to look at or talk about doing this before the project really gets underway.


On 5/11/2012 8:59 AM, William E. T. wrote:
I also like OWASP Developer Guide 2013

I'd like to volunter to help write documentation, but I'm not sure I am enough of an expert to do a chapter by myself, so could I please be assigned to a larger chapter with at least one other person?

Bill Triest

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 11:52 PM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org<mailto:vanderaj at owasp.org>> wrote:
Hi folks,

Please review

Can you please look over this ToC


Let's start discussing what should be in and out of the Guide. I'm going deliberately for inclusiveness as if it's not in the Developer Guide, where will it be? However, I'm willing to be convinced if you have stronger arguments than mine.

The numbering scheme is the (stalled) OWASP Common Numbering Scheme. It's time for that to be completed, so I've cc'd Dave Wichers, the project leader for that effort. I want to ensure that we are very strongly aligned with the ASVS <- Developer Guide <-> Testing Guide <-> Code Review Guide, because this time around we will not be discussing how to do code reviews and how to test except to point to those other texts.

Claim your chapters

I'd like for folks to start claiming chapters here (first post wins!) where a chapter is DG-MAJOR and not just a sub-section. For longer chapters (those likely to have more than six patterns), I want at least two and preferably four or five folks to work together.


I'd like to nut out the tittle for the next release. Can you please indicate your preferred name for the next release:

OWASP Developer Guide 2013 <-- mine
OWASP Developer Guide 4.0 <-- timeless
OWASP Developer Guide 3.0

That's my preferred order. The main reason for not using 3.0 is that we've had two shots at that version now, and I honestly think it's time to increment to 4.0.

The 10th anniversary of the Guide is next month. I'm going to try and have a surprise for that. However, this project should not lose sight of the 2013 goal. For that reason, I'd like for us to be ready to release at no later than OWASP AppSec US in Northern hemisphere fall 2013, but preferably by AppSec EU next year.

Rebirth as a ready to use textbook, education piece

In other news, I had a lovely dinner with the delightful Laura Bell, who got me thinking about how best to make use of the Guide.

I'd like for the Developer Guide to be immediately useful as a K11-12 / first year University text book. This means I'd like to work with the OWASP Education project on simultaneously updating my two day deck into a 15 or 16 week deck and exercises and labs that teachers and lecturers can use either directly with WebGoat or directly with the deck we provide. We really need to start educating the next generation behind us to prevent security being an forgotten art. Once that's done, it's easy enough to create a dense 2 or 3 day deck for trainers to deliver to organisations and businesses, with the Developer Guide as being the lecture text and the next version of ASVS as the two-three day text.

Whilst we will be developing this in the Wiki and that's how I tend to use OWASP materials today, I am happy to create a final PDF and a iBook download for the OWASP website, and possibly work with a publisher to get the Developer Guide prepared for print publication. Personally, I think having a freely downloadable version on our website, and in iTunes U along with someone teaching the materials on screen (look for CS 193P for what I have in mind) will be the lowest barrier to entry. I'm not convinced that dead tree printing is the best today, but I have a Kindle and an iPad, so I'm biased.



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