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Title: OWASP Developer Guide 2013 Status Update 2
Approach <-- AJV and Abraham Kang

Abraham and I recently discussed the approach for the Developer Guide. We  
both feel the dictionary approach used in the last edition is not the right  
approach as it did not give context as to WHY you would do certain things.  
We need a more storied approach; one where the reason why you would select  
certain controls, and work your way up to an advanced topic finale.

I will be submitting a chapter from a couple of my favorite text books so  
you can see what I have in mind. Therefore, simply coping the previous text  
is not going to fly. It's useful as a table of contents point of view, but  
not as a source of text unless we agree on it first.

We want you to do original research to bring the topic right up to date,  
have a view as to how that is best implemented by developers, and have a  
story path that works from gentle introduction, things that every app  
should do, patterns of architectural goodness, and then advanced topics.

I don't mind if we spend a fair few cycles in research, write, edit, rinse  
and repeat. Let's get it right!

Discuss unified numbering scheme <-- AJV and all
Discuss submitted research <-- chapter lead authors
Discuss submitted ToC's <-- chapter lead authors
When: Sat Aug 4 12am – 1am Eastern Time - Hobart
Where: Google+ Hangout
Calendar: owasp-guide at lists.owasp.org
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