[Owasp-guide] Next status meeting - August 3 @ 1400 GMT (or midnight AEST August 4 for me)

vanderaj vanderaj vanderaj at owasp.org
Sun Jul 22 05:02:00 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

Time for the next status meeting. It would normally be the last Friday of
the month, but it's BlackHat and Defcon time, and apparently the major
global brands are holding a two week advert and the occasional race. I
think my chances of getting you to a meeting a 7.30 am on the first day of
Defcon is negligible. So it will be at midnight Saturday August 4 + UTC
+10, which works out nicely for most of you except folks in NZ (about 2 am)
and Hawaii (about 5 am).

For those of you allocated chapters in our last meeting, I am expecting to
see the initial research you've conducted and the proposed ToC. Please send
it through here before the meeting so we can all read it and discuss during
the meeting. You've got like two weeks, so get cracking! :)

I will be bringing a unified numbering scheme ToC to the meeting. I will
need to talk to the other Guide and ASVS leads to ensure that this list is
okay for everyone.

As we're using Google for our code hosting, I think it's not too much to
ask that you all try to get Google+ Video & Voice going in the next two
weeks. Please install it, and try to start a Hangout with me before the
next meeting. If that works (and it does), you will easily be a part of our

I know some of you use different G+ accounts to Google Code. It might be
time to make the G+ account, the google code account, this mail list, and
the calendar account you use one and the same, as this makes it much easier
to accept the invitation, checkout the wiki, and be invited directly to the
Hangout from the one place.

If on the other hand you want both of your accounts in various places,
please just e-mail me and I'll add your other account to the G+ hangout and
the Google code project.

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