[Owasp-guide] Reorg of wiki content started

vanderaj vanderaj vanderaj at owasp.org
Thu Aug 9 11:34:57 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

I've removed the old content (for the most part there wasn't much there but
a cut and paste from the 2.0 Guide, which is not ideal). I've added the
agreed document structure, but not the universal numbering scheme.

I'm re-linking it all now, so hang in there whilst I get it all hooked up.

   - For those of you who have submitted content, I will integrate it
   tonight or tomorrow.
   - For those of you assigned chapters, your name(s) will appear in the
   right chapters.
   - For those of you who are reviewers, your names will appear as
   reviewers on an equal spread of chapters so we all have a bit of work to do.

So if you have checked out content prior to today, and are working on it,
please DO NOT CHECK YOUR NEW CONTENT IN. Send the content to me instead,
and then completely refresh your SVN content.

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