[Owasp-guide] Invitation: OWASP Developer Guide 2013 Status Update 2 @ Sat Aug 4 12am - 1am (owasp-guide at lists.owasp.org)

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Fri Aug 3 06:08:59 UTC 2012

10 US EST should be about right. It was 7 am PDT last time. I'll send out a
five minute reminder tonight.


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> Andrew,
> It seems this invite comes up as friday 10am EST on my calendar.
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> OWASP Developer Guide 2013 Status Update 2
> Approach <-- AJV and Abraham Kang
> Abraham and I recently discussed the approach for the Developer Guide. We
> both feel the dictionary approach used in the last edition is not the right
> approach as it did not give context as to WHY you would do certain things.
> We need a more storied approach; one where the reason why you would select
> certain controls, and work your way up to an advanced topic finale.
> I will be submitting a chapter from a couple of my favorite text books so
> you can see what I have in mind. Therefore, simply coping the previous text
> is not going to fly. It's useful as a table of contents point of view, but
> not as a source of text unless we agree on it first.
> We want you to do original research to bring the topic right up to date,
> have a view as to how that is best implemented by developers, and have a
> story path that works from gentle introduction, things that every app
> should do, patterns of architectural goodness, and then advanced topics.
> I don't mind if we spend a fair few cycles in research, write, edit, rinse
> and repeat. Let's get it right!
> Discuss unified numbering scheme <-- AJV and all
> Discuss submitted research <-- chapter lead authors
> Discuss submitted ToC's <-- chapter lead authors
> *When*
> Sat Aug 4 12am – 1am Eastern Time - Hobart
> *Where*
> Google+ Hangout (map<http://maps.google.com.au/maps?q=Google%2B+Hangout&hl=en>
> )
> *Calendar*
> owasp-guide at lists.owasp.org
> *Who*
> (Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)
> Your attendance is optional.
> Going?   ***Yes<https://www.google.com/calendar/event?action=RESPOND&eid=NWNuODBjbTdqZG5sYjFoMWlqNDgzNTljOTAgb3dhc3AtZ3VpZGVAbGlzdHMub3dhc3Aub3Jn&rst=1&tok=MTgjdmFuZGVyYWpAb3dhc3Aub3JnMjNkZjBmNTUxYWE0NGUxNWZmOWY0YTMwY2ZhNjVhYjAwNzQ1OTFhZA&ctz=Australia/Hobart&hl=en>-
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