[Owasp-guide] [OWASP-Guide] Weekly Status Update March 8, 2011

Ken Owen kenowen at eowen.com
Tue Mar 8 12:10:05 EST 2011


I made several edits to the introduction and passed to Clint for 
fleshing out. He responded that he would checked out. No posting yet.

On the approach page, your suggestion that I tell the readers how the 
guide is laid out was already done (in the first sentence). I added 
brief copy for all the sections for which copy is available in the guide 
(Data Protection, Communication Security, Security Configuration, 
Malicious Code Search, and Internal Security are not populated yet. I'll 
go back to the 2005 guide shortly). It seems repetitive if there is too 
much copy about the individual sections here, since the sections 
themselves are just a click away.

The navigation panel is a problem right now. The numbered sections are 
in different indent levels which would be confusing to anyone first 
coming on the site. Perhaps sections 1300 and 1400 should be included 
under Guidelines as are sections 0100 to 1200.


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