[Owasp-guide] What's happening on the guide?

Paulo Coimbra pcoimbra at owasp.org
Fri Jul 22 09:46:24 EDT 2011

Hi Vishal,

Hope you are ok. 

I am writing you regarding OWASP Development Guide development. As you know
this is a project of central importance for OWASP and I have had a few
signals that it is a bit stalled. Would you allow me to ask whether you
still have the cycles to push this leadership effort forward or if, on the
contrary, you prefer to be replaced as project leader? Please drop me a line
to clarify your current status. We understand that the personal
circumstances of any OWASP voluntary contributor can unexpectedly change and
so their contributions and independently of your choice we are grateful for
your past contributions and looking forward for your future ones.

Have a nice weekend, thanks,
- Paulo

Paulo Coimbra
OWASP Project Manager <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Paulo_Coimbra>

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