[Owasp-guide] "Approach", "Getting Started", and the "Getting Started" subsections

Boberski, Michael [USA] boberski_michael at bah.com
Tue May 18 10:38:39 EDT 2010

Hi Ken. I've added some annotations in section "Approach", "Getting Started", and the "Getting Started" subsections. I also added some additional text in the top-level "Approach" and "Getting Started" sections.

For example in section "Injecting Security-Related Considerations Into Your Design",

=Injecting Security-Related Considerations Into Your Design=

{{{//todo, 1 paragraph}}}

==Identifying Key Business Risks==
{{{//todo, 1-2 sentences}}}

==Defining Application and Environment Components==
{{{//todo, 1-2 sentences}}}

==Defining Component Business and Security Functions==
{{{//todo, 1-2 sentences}}}

==Performing Threat Modeling==
{{{//todo, 1-2 sentences}}}

The idea with the above is that we want to provide a sneak peek into the next sections.

For example in section "Identifying Key Business Risks",

In the first "//todo, 1 paragraph", we want to set the stage, similar to the first paragraph that you already have.

In the next subsections such as "... first step ...", where there are "{{{//todo, 2-3 paragraphs}}}", we want to provide specific guidance organized according to steps. Then in the "Next steps" subsection, where there is "{{{//todo, 1-2 sentences}}}", we want to briefly explain that the next step is the next section (and maybe something else, depends on the guidance).



Mike B.

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