[Owasp-guide] Participating in the project

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Mon Jul 12 19:36:18 EDT 2010

I heard back from Mike last night in a personal e-mail, and he's moved on from OWASP. We need a new OWASP Guide leader. 

I simply don't have the time for more than one project (I want to contribute to the ESAPI for PHP port), so my goal here is for someone in this group to step up as the OWASP Guide leader. 

Who thinks they can provide the PM skills and conceptual integrity (single vision) for the Guide? We need someone to keep the project on track and to ensure that the submitted materials are of high quality. 

I'd really like it if the decision will be the decision of the entire group. 


On 13/07/2010, at 4:36 AM, Vishal Garg wrote:

> Hi Anurag and Geoff,
> Thanks a lot for showing your interest for session management and data protection sections. 
> I am not the right person to make any assignments. If you would be interested to work on a section where a section lead has already been assigned, you are encouraged to get in touch with the section leads directly, or you may have to wait for Mike to make an assignment to you.
> Regards
> Vishal

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