[Owasp-guide] Guide content development rules

Vishal Garg vishalgrg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 17:46:17 EST 2010

Hello All,

Here are some of the rules which everyone needs to follow while
creating/updating the content for the new guide.

1. DO NOT DELETE anything from the Wiki that you have not created. This rule
would also apply after the content has been reviewed and finalised (even if
it has been created by you). This is to maintain the integrity of the
content as well as to protect the hard work done by others.

2. If you have any ideas for the new content for your section, first of all
discuss it with the section lead. For minor changes, an agreement can be had
amongst the team members and with the section lead, but for major changes,
project leads should be notified before making any changes.

3. In the first phase, we are recycling the content from the previous guide.
If you have some great ideas for developing new content for a section,
please create a small proposal for this and get approval from the project
leads. You may also want to create a draft if you cannot wait for working on
your great ideas, but please hold on very patiently to add this content to
the wiki until the time comes.

4. If you are in doubt or not sure about something, please contact your
section lead as a first port of contact and then to the project leads. You
can always throw your queries at the mailing list and someone is going to
respond to you.

Best regards

Vishal Garg

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalgrg
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vishalgrg
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