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Vishal Garg vishalgrg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 16:57:08 EST 2010

Hi All,

After having a discussion with Anurag, we have come up with the following
schdule for the new dev guide. Could all section leads please provide an
update on how much work has already been done for the first phase of
recycling the content from the previous version of development guide and how
much of it is still pending, along with an outline of any new additions they
are planning to implement to their sections.

Please note that the new development guide also needs to meet ASVS standard
and new OWASP numbering scheme. Therefore you need to ensure that you adhere
to these guidelines and make adjustments to your sections accordingly. If in
doubt, just get in touch with wither me or Anurag.


 Recycling the old content from previous guide.


 New content development for all sections


 Content review and updates.


 Finishing touches to the guide (eg. initial sections and indexes etc.)


 Beta release. Get comments from public and make changes.


 Final release (or possibly tie it with some event to make it more visible).

We are also planning to have more frequest status meetings, possibly on a
weekly basis so that the progress on the development of guide can be
monitored more closely and we can have an open forum for discussions with
other team members. Anurag has suggested using Skype for weekly meetings. I
hope everyone would be comfortable with this. More details on this would
follow shortly.

Thanks to everyone for thier contributions to the guide.

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