[Owasp-guide] Awaiting further guidance for OWASP-0100 Security Architecture

Mike Lewis m_d_lewis at comcast.net
Fri Apr 9 11:00:30 EDT 2010

Mylene and all,
    I've broken down the Security Architecture section into further chunks,
and now I am awaiting further instructions on what to do next.
    I know some of you have worked on OWASP projects in the past and a lot
of this stuff is intuitively obvious to you, but this is my first one and I
need a little more handholding and guidance. As you can see by my work
already, though, if you show me what needs to be done, I'll go out and do it
a hundred times over. I just need that small push to get going.
    Mylene, you're supposed to be leading this section, but I haven't heard
one peep from you. I've gotten some cloudy and conflicting guidance from
Mike about what to do, but I'm still sort of lost, as he apparently has a
master vision for this document, but I'm completely blind as to what it is.
I know Charlie and Kevin have taken a stab at some documentation for the
section, and I applaud them for their enthusiasm; like them, I want to jump
in and crank some material out. However, I think we're all confused about
what exactly our roles here are.
    I know Mike has a definite vision of how this thing should be set up,
based on his comments thus far about how the document should be structured.
I believe that he has shared that vision with Mylene, based on his repeated
requests for me to coordinate with Mylene. However, that vision has not
trickled down to me, which is the source of my frustration on this project.
    I respectfully request some additional guidance from anyone who will
step up and help show me and guide me and lead me to what exactly I am
supposed to be doing.
-- Mike Lewis
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