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Hi Vishal. You're in luck as they are me, at least 1/3.

The keywords for 4.9 are "implied by the presentation layer", verifiers would investigate what rules might be implied by the presentation layer as a first step and compare them to any controls found on the server side. I would personally for example do the work to verify 4.11 first, then I'd do the work to verify 4.9; ASVS doesn't prescribe how requirements are verified, how one might divvy them up or what approach for each one may take.

Hope this helps,


Mike B.

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Hi Mike,

I am not sure whether I should forward this question to you or to the ASVS people.

I am not clear about the difference between ASVS requirements 4.9 and 4.11.

4.9 - Verify that the same access control rules implied by the presentation layer are enforced on the server side.

4.11 - Verify that all access controls are enforced on the server side.

Maybe the right question to ask would be that why do we have both these requirements in ASVS while only 4.11 would have been sufficient, because all the access control should always be enforced on the server side irrespective of whether it has been implemented on the client side or not.

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The previous version of the Guide does not match the ASVS outline at *all*.  I will have to do a rewrite in order to get it into a format that matches the ASVS headers.  For now I've just created blank pages and pasted the previous Guide version into the main Input Validation page.  Is that going to work for you?  If not, I'd appreciate your input on how you think that content should be segregated.


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Hi folks,

How goes things with the various sections and worksheets?

Lots of activity actually, looking at SVN logs.

Go ahead, share your good works from this past week with the team.


Mike B.

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