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Develop, Deploy and  Maintain then The Guide is about Define and Design,
Testing about it all (as we are promoting testing designs and requirements
as well as code etc), ISO17799 Maintain ...this is building up to be a
really robust model of content generally for OWASP covering the full
spectrum of software security.


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"Andrew van der Stock" <vanderaj at> wrote:

> I'll find the right place to put them, but in the mean time, check 
> them out and let me know if they make things a bit easier to understand.

They look good. Perhaps I need to see them in the right context to be able
to say more.

You can find the new structure and all the files for version 2 in the
Guide's directory under the folder "v2" in CVS. In the root you can see the
Guide's main files and structure information. Every Chapter is then in
another subfolder. I am working currently on "security_techniques", this is
also where you can find the latest version of your "session_management.xml"

Please put the images into the "images" folder right in the v2 folder and
then reference them from within the session_management.xml file. There is
somewhere an example of how to do this. A very quick grep on the Guide
revealed this location to me:

> introduction/what_are_webapps.xml:              <imageobject>
> introduction/what_are_webapps.xml:                      <imagedata >
> fileref="images/introduction/layer_overview.jpg" format="JPEG"/>
> introduction/what_are_webapps.xml:              </imageobject>

Thanks Andrew for your help.

If anybody needs some rendered version of the Guide v2, just drop me a note.
I should get back to the oPortals developers to ask again about having a
live version on the website anyway.


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