[OWASP-GUIDE] Technical Editorship

Adrian Wiesmann awiesmann at swordlord.org
Sun Jan 30 10:56:40 EST 2005

Just a few comments to you last mails:

It was always the idea to get content together and then have NoStarch help
us getting a common language, remove errors and have the images redone all
by the same person. This focus changes now with you going another way, but
it shows why the importances were on other topics...

> *	Re-attached the images (the existing 2.0 a2 is missing about 35 kb
> of text and all of the images).

See above, plus I did not add texts which were not already redigated from
the last version. This is important to not loose track. And it was the
intention from Mark, Ray, Jeremy and me back then to completely go over
the whole content from the last version. This is also why there is a v2
folder in the CVS.

> *	Edit: Eliminated the foreword, What's New and introduction. They
> are out of date and need re-writing

I asked Jeff if he would like to do the Foreword. He volunteered to do so.
Best would be to contacct him for that again.

> Plus, it then becomes difficult to do heavy lifting and editing with
> anything approaching the power of 30 year old Wordstar for CP/M. As you
> can guess, I'm not a fan of XML. It's a fad akin to asking an architect
> to design a 100 story building using chisel and stone tablets, whilst
> writing only in cuneiform. 

Well, there is one simple reason why XML was the way to go. CVS does not
like binary files. Well it knows how to store them, but try to get some
version history in CVS with a binary file...

Anyway. I still think the best thing would be to have the whole Guide
structured in a Wiki so it can be edited easily and we could program
export filters to have the content rendered to PDF or whatever. I would
also like to see footnotes, comments, code snippets etc in such a setup.


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