[OWASP-GUIDE] Fw: OWASP Guide translation

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at greebo.net
Tue Apr 5 19:40:17 EDT 2005

>> Hello All
>> We are about to start working on OWASP Guide
>> transalation, and I was wondering if there are plans
>> in near future to release OWASP Guide ver 2.0 or if we
>> should use ver 1.1.
>> If ver 1.1 is the most viable option, could we have
>> the word version to work on it?
>> Thank you,
>> Juan Carlos Calderon


There are about four chapters of the OWASP Guide 2.0 which are complete.
There are about another four on the cusp of being complete.

2.0 a7, which I hope to release any day now, is the first version 2.0
which I will be using as my primary reference as it is now more useful
than 1.1.1, so basically, I'd suggest using 2.0 a7 rather than 1.1.1.


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