[OWASP-GUIDE] Status of the Guide v2

Adrian Wiesmann awiesmann at swordlord.org
Sat May 8 09:34:19 EDT 2004

Heya Chris

> I would be happy to put together the "Language and Technology Specific
> Guidelines" chapter, combining the PHP chapter written by Mikael
> Simonsson with the Java section.  Do we envision expanding that chapter
> to include anything more, beyond Java and PHP recommendations?  

C# and others would fit in nicely as well. The only question is: Do we
have authors for these sections...

Actually I held that chapter back for the strategy was to first have one
chapter reviewed (by the peers as by the editor) and finished so we can
see how and in what kind we do the rest.

Now since we don't really come to an end with the current strategy (and
the Guides lead changed quite a bit) I think we could go on with that you
take over the "Language" chapter. Drop me a note if you would like to do
so so we can talk about the how.

> Also,
> are you thinking that the architectures.xml content will go into the
> "Designing Web Security" chapter?  If so, I could probably work on
> moving that content over as well.

Most probably. But this chapter will be adressed later on as well so we
are not fighting too many fronts without coming to an end.

> P.S.  I plan on registering for the OWASP con this weekend - how many
> Guide contributors plan on being there?  I'd love to be able to meet you
> all in person.

I will unfortunately not attend (mostly for political reasons). Flame me
in private if you don't like to hear this. I look forward to see you at an
european OWASP con anyway :).


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