[OWASP-GUIDE] Status of the Guide v2

Chris Todd chris at christophertodd.com
Sat May 8 00:16:58 EDT 2004

Adrian and OWASP Guiders,

Next week is pretty busy for me (I could probably only contribute 2-4 hours
all week), but I would anticipate being able to contribute around 8-10 hours
each week for each of the following four weeks or so.  Please let me know
what I can do.

I would be happy to put together the "Language and Technology Specific
Guidelines" chapter, combining the PHP chapter written by Mikael Simonsson
with the Java section.  Do we envision expanding that chapter to include
anything more, beyond Java and PHP recommendations?  Also, are you thinking
that the architectures.xml content will go into the "Designing Web Security"
chapter?  If so, I could probably work on moving that content over as well.

If there's anything else I can work on, whether it's writing new content,
editing or proofreading existing content, please let me know, as I'm eager
to help.


P.S.  I plan on registering for the OWASP con this weekend - how many Guide
contributors plan on being there?  I'd love to be able to meet you all in

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Hello list

It is a long time since you have heard something about the guide v2. This is
some short notice to keep you up to date.

There are two new helping hands working on the Technology and on the
Attack/Countermeasures chapters simultaneously. While the first one is
coming to an end (mainly lacking 3 sections some of which I have recently
taken over from Mark), we just started with the Attack/Countermeasures

It looks as if we will be in need of some peer reviewing of at least one
chapter next month. 

Thats about it for the moment. If you have any questions concerning the
Guide, just drop me a note.

I wish you a nice weekend,

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