[OWASP-GUIDE] dilbert on derogatory comments of peers

Adrian Wiesmann awiesmann at swordlord.org
Sat Jul 24 09:13:27 EDT 2004

> > - User Authentication
> > - Only allowed users can change the text, others can add comments only
> > - The storage format has to be transformable into Docbook (or be in
> > Docbook format natively)
> > - Change control (RSS or something)
> <plug style="shameless self-promotion">
> Confluence does 1, 2 and 4, and is free for non-profit orgs and open 
> source projects:  http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/
> </plug>

3 is unfortunately quite important :)

I think about something like the PHP documentation at:


where anonymous persons can comment on the text as well as authors can
change the content. But very important is to be able to render the whole
stuff as PDF, DOC and in other formats.


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