[OWASP-GUIDE] Going on with the Guide

K. K. Mookhey cto at nii.co.in
Sun Feb 15 01:40:21 EST 2004

This is good news for the guide. I agree with Chris, that the model should
be the same as earlier, except that the guide would near completion with one
person leading the show. I have some ideas on how we could take this from
1. We could draw up a list of chapters that need working on. Last I remember
the .NET and a couple of other chapters still needed to be written. If this
list can be published, the contributors can chip in with which areas they
feel confident about.
2. Once these responsibilities are assigned, we need to set strict deadlines
on submission of these chapters. We also need to increase the traffic on
this list to ensure that contributors are upto speed on sticking to their
3. Also, we need to assign responsibilities for reviewers. And deadlines for
the reviews as well. I remember reviewing and checking DocBook formatting
for 5-6 chapters that had been completed some months back.
4. As for the format, I think it was already discussed, and we all go with
K. K. Mookhey

> I have a few questions, however:
> 1)  What can I do to help?  I had previously contributed some content
> on Java and web app architectures, and would be happy to brush that
> up.  I can also do general proofreading of any part of the guide.
> 2)  Will previous contributions be included in the new structure, or
> are you re-writing everything from scratch?

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